24 August, 2005

Oriental Express

The weekend was dedicated to an oriental experience. Sat & Sun dinners were authentic oriental delicacies. I am pizza-crazy but oriental cravings are also common. Josh is indeed a good place if you want to break free from the routine manchurian and monchows!

Cottage cheese with seasme in garlic sauce

Rising Rice with Mongolian noodles. Although the noodles were kind of dry we followed it up with some well-cooked Singapore Noodles which made the dinner more tasty.
rice noodle

Desserts are a weakness. Sunday evening ended on the perfect note with some yummy honey soaked flat noodles and vanilla ice-cream. The goey brownie didn't last till I managed to go clicking with the camera. It all got eaten up too soon :-)

19 August, 2005

What is Khana Peena @ Blogspot?

Khana Peena @ Blogspot is going to be a window to some of the food and drinks which I relish in my daily course of life. It can be special, it can be terrible or it can be just plain simple. I start off with a very typical Indian sweet-dish known as the "mawa cake". A simple cake made of just milk and sugar this one had been enriched with a generous dose of sliced pistachios & almonds.