18 January, 2009

Mr.Chow's Chinese Food Home Delivery

If there is something about Sunday that puts me off is the long waiting time outside restaurants, parking lots and even the shopping mall's billing counters. So what better way then to spend the Sunday evening at home with a VCD and home delivered hot-piping food.

Bored with the regular we decided to try some Chinese food from the close by Mr.Chow's. We ordered the Meal Combo which was a mix of rice and vegetables in black bean sauce and a portion of spring rolls. The noodles were ordered separately - Shantung Noodles (flat noodles). The servings are large and can satisfy 2 people on an average. Spring rolls were sad. But the rice and noodles were good and the tasty bit has given us a new alternative over the regular 5 Spice and Sizzling China from where we order our regular Chinese meals.

Service and delivery times was impressive. We asked them to add some extra mushroom to the noodles and they indeed put in a large share - there was a small charge of Rs.20 for that bit. 

Total damage for 2 people was Rs.300 and it's a total value for money deal. Recommended eating and they have a couple of branches across Mumbai.

Mr Chow’s. Bandra: 26423595/86/64; Worli: 24334554/51/58; Colaba: 22160074/75/76.