20 October, 2008

Pastries from 210 degrees

Thanks to good friend Ankit we were introduced to a pastry shop in the Churchgate area - Samrat's 210 degrees. On Saturday I treated the family to some tasty treats from this little place.

pastries from 210 degrees (by kapsi)

On the left is the Swiss Truffle which was tasty but a little dry and recommended eating would be with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream. And on the right is the Chocolate Mousse Cake - soft and delicious. All pastries sold here are egg-less.

At a time when most pastry shops don't sell anything less than a 100 bucks these are a great deal at Rs.60 or so and there is no compromise on the size or taste. So next time you are around the place drop in treat yourself to one of the many delicacies.

Food of India - So much to eat

There is so much out there yet to be eaten and relished. Incredible India.

14 October, 2008

Sunday Lunch at Pizzeria

Yes, sometimes I can beat the laziness and help myself to enjoy the Sunday lunch with a group of close friends. So braving the terrible October heat we arrived 20 mins late at Pizzeria while my dear friends, for a change who arrived earlier than us. Thankfully no waiting and we were seated right away.

Leaving the food ordering to the rest of them I made myself comfortable to take in the sights & sounds of a very different afternoon I was enjoying outdoors. Very quickly arrived the "all time favourite" - Bombay Masala, and then it arrived again. It seems we were so much in love that we managed to get two of them - One thin & crisp and yet another with a thick base. If you haven't eaten this one at Pizzeria, you've missed a lot - so next time you eat there make sure you get one of those.

Sorry, but I was too busy eating and didn't end up with a photo of one those Bombay Masala specials. But here is something to get tickle your taste-buds.

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