17 December, 2013

Sharing experiences on Zomato

As part of my food reviews I have now also started sharing my experiences at Zomato. It's a great place to know about the latest in food, be it restaurants, home delivery or even catering.

You can track me there : zomato.com/kapilb

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11 December, 2013

Mamagoto - Restaurant Review

Our first visit to Mamagoto was when we were visiting friends in Gurgaon. The food was excellent and we fell in love with the cosy well designed interiors. Having heard some terrible stories of the long waits at the Mumbai suburban outlet we never bothered to visit it here. But when it opened up in South Mumbai we actually jumped on to it and visited the place in the first week of its soft launch. Yes, we walked in to an almost empty restaurant. Which I am now told isn't the case anymore. Minimum waiting is at least 1 hour. So all the best! 

Having said that, I don't think the wait is disappointing in anyway. Worth it. And all the popularity of the place is only a symbol of what diners like us enjoy. 

Wife was down with a cold when we visited and she ordered the chinese spicy sour soup with 22 ingredients. A perfect remedy to beat the cold away. It was a large serving so I helped her finish it off. The bit sized corn fritters were decent. For the meat lover, skip the crispy lamb (too chewy). Instead go for the honey chicken, I remember eating it when in Gurgaon so I am sure that's a better bet. 

Because they have large servings we decided to split one dish for the main course and choose the "khao suey style train station noodles". Delicious and we probably will eat khao suey again here only. Unlike most other places where they set it out on the table for you to mix it to your taste here the chef mixes up all the ingredients and cooks it well. And tastes a lot better this way. 

khao suey style train station noodles
End the meal with some of their nice desserts ... both the chocolate items on the menu are good. 

At the time we visited they didn't have the bar permit in place so alcohol was being served. I guess they must have got that in place by now. 

Final word: This will be one of our favorite places if they keep the quality good and we gather the patience to beat the long waiting time. 

05 December, 2013

Flurry's: Kolkata's Legendary Tearoom

The last week of November was spent in Kolkata. A trip which I would like to call a "foodie delight". In the next few days I shall try and share some of the notes of the lovely food which I enjoyed in Kolkata. 

Let's begin with one of Kolkata's landmark eatery - The Flurry's. I am told this place originally was an English style tea & pastry outlet for most gentlemen and ladies who would spend the mornings or early evenings here chatting & discussing the then situation of a rapidly changing India. If you see the place you will find an old world charm in the decor, the massive chandelier a symbol of the times then. Later it went on to become a place where marriage brokers got people to see some of the potential son-in-law prospects, since this place was most often visited by the boys from the neighbouring St. Xaviers College. 

It was lovely to know a little bit history of this place over a nice Sunday brunch with our family in Kolkata. Since we were a large group some of the much recommended things on the menu were ordered right away. Eggs / Mushroom / Corn on toast are some of the popular and tasty dished. The cheese quiche seemed very popular, they had only 2 pieces left by 1pm that afternoon. 

Eggs on Toast

Mushroom on Toast 

You must splash some of the mustard sauce on to your dish and take a bite. The sauce has this lovely strong aroma of freshness and the little tangy effect it plays on your tongue. 

Flurry's is also best known for their bread and pastry collection. The chocolate short bread and blackforest were a delight. 

I ended the meal with a cold glass of cold coffee. Just the way I like it. Thick & creamy even without the ice-cream. Not the watered down versions you get in the coffee shops around these days. 

The good news is you don't really have to make a trip to Kolkata to enjoy this delightful place. They are soon coming to Mumbai.  

22 October, 2013

Gypsy Chinese: Restaurant Review

Landed up in Dadar because of an event in the area. We were too bored to try and same old place in Phoenix so decided to try something new in that area itself. Gypsy comes with a strong recommendation from a friend who is rather fussy about "where" he eats. So this had to be tried.

Sunday evening and we thought we would be doomed with a 1 hour waiting. As luck favoured us we were seated in about 25 minutes. Lovely ambiance and thankfully not too noisy even though its a small place. 

Since it was our first visit we decided to go with the steward's recommendation and we were not disappointed. Started the meal with some Shanghai Mushroom and Steamed Wanton (Gravy). Really good stuff and what we call it "The Indian Chinese". 

Main course included Exotic Vegetables in Chilly Black Bean Sauce with Burnt Garlic Veg Rice. We didnt really want to experiment with the fancier - Thai currys and the sorts. I don't recommend the Malaysian Noodles - Disappointing. 

If I am in that area, I don't mind going to this place again.

17 October, 2013

Barking Deer Brewpub

Wanted to go out drinking with boys and we were too bored with the regulars - Irish House (Too Loud), Mondy's (Been there a 100 times) so we decided to try something new and landed up at Barking Deer. 
Sunday night, the place was practically empty ... even the bar just had 2 tables occupied at 9:30PM. We intended to drink so got seated in the bar area. The chairs are terrible. Long, heavy and rather uncomfortable. After about 3 hours we just wanted to get off them. Even though it was empty the aircon didn't cool so well. I can't imagine what happens on busy nights. 
They don't have a brewing license yet but said would be activated by December (so let's keep a watch on that one). While there try some of the international beers. We settled for the Indus range, called for all the 4 variants. Not my liking and I don't intend to have it again. 

The BITES can get a bit boring if you are going to be sitting there for long and keep munching with your drinks. They don't have pizzas which was disappointing.

After having exhausted the BITES we called for some Sandwiches - which I must say was really GOOD and satisfying. Ate the Goat Cheese and Roasted Veggies. 

I am going back here only if I want to dine and maybe to check on the brewery. This is not a place for a boys night drinking session.

03 October, 2013

Cheval - European cuisine in South Mumbai

The wonderful part of coming back to the city after 2 years is that there a lot many new places to visit and enjoy some good food. 

After evaluating a couple of new places in town, Cheval seemed to be a good choice for a nice outing with nothing special to celebrate. 

Tuesday evening at 9pm the place was quiet and I guess because LIV (the pub next door) had not yet kick started it was rather pleasant. Because the place claimed to have a European cuisine we were keen to see what the waiter recommends. And boy, he did an excellent job. 

Started off with a Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Potato Risotto and some Red Pepper gazpacho (a cold soup served with a nice dash of pepper). All 3 were good. 
After much discussions with the waiter (we were trying to avoid the heavy use of almonds & pine nuts, which I was told is very European) we finally picked the Braised Lamb and the Cauliflower ...something ..Can't remember the name. 

Braised Lamb

Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad

The lamb was excellent. Well cooked and there was a nice beet sauce to make it juicy. Much recommended I say. The cauliflower dish was something we've never had before ... Don't think I could describe it right or as good as the waiter - Go try it instead. 

The portion servings are small. I don't see more than 2 people sharing the starters and the main courses - Sharing wont really satisfy you. From what I saw around and the aromas, I think the pizzas looked good too. Try them. 

We paid Rs.2400 (inclusive of taxes) - No alcohol.

18 September, 2013

Punjab Sind Shrikand

Good ready-made Shrikand is difficult to find. This evening we picked up the Punjab Sind Shrikand - Kesar and Mango flavours. Good stuff - Must try.

Not sure of the availability in retail stores but you can find it at the Punjab Sind store at Breach Candy. 

07 September, 2013

Di Bella Coffee

When you've spent 2 years away from your city, a lot of things are new and you want to try them as time allows. 

A few weekends back the wife and I decided to try the Di Bella Coffee shop at Shivaji Park. 

The mocha was a bit too chocolaty and killed the coffee flavour. 

What I thought was interesting is the attempt to keep the coffee warm till the last flame. Why I say attempt is because the flame was too weak and barely lasted for 5 mins after coming to the table. 

Kullad waali chai

If you haven't already tried this. Next time you get a chance DO it.

Best place - Nathdwara in the state of Rajasthan. 

Next best option - Tea Centre at Churchgate, Mumbai. But caution - I am told they are washed and reused rather than being recycled after every use. Not very hygienic if you ask me.  

19 August, 2013

Dark Fantasy Choco Fills

These are some nice biscuits or should I call them chocolates. Tasty! 

02 July, 2013

Is this how a foodie sees India?

This is my 100th post on the blog. Hurray!

And what a better way to celebrate than by showing the food delight in every corner of India.

What's your favourite Indian meal?

02 June, 2013

Home Baked Pizzas

The magical flavours of home baked pizzas are just culinary delight one must surely get to enjoy once in a while. 

The soft dough that is wonderful to bite into. Red wine used in the preparation of the pizza sauce adds a flavour difficult to find in most of the pizza chains. 

I am so glad Nitika bakes these pizza once in a while or else I might just stop eating at pizza outlets. 

And of course such a lovely pizza should not be eaten alone. Picked a nice South African wine which made the evening even more interesting. 

Cheers to a wonderful Saturday night at home. 

09 March, 2013

London Dairy Strawberry Ice-Cream

Long weekend means time to relax, spend time with the family and catch up on some reading or watch films. And with all that happening food becomes a key highlight for such weekends when you sit back and relish the delicacies. 

On the supermarket visit we picked up the long desired London Dairy Strawberry ice-cream pack. At Kenyan Shillings 560 we have found this to be expensive and always put off the purchase. But last evening we decided to indulge and see what this product was all about. 

A complete delight. Natural tastes, no artificial flavours and ice-cream the way it should be. Money well-spent and we have been spoilt - our next try is going to the Tiramisu flavour. 

04 March, 2013

Sunday Foodie Delights

One of those Sundays which turns out to be a complete culinary delight.

Lunch at Nairobi Java Coffee House where I relished the Mushroom Chicken Breast.. I really like the mushroom sauce they make. And the fries are always tasty at Java. A meal so good can't be without a wonderful dessert to leave the sweetness of the afternoon lingering for a long time in your mouth. The massive Chocolate Cookie Sundae was ordered. Yes massive is an understatement - look at the size of those choco chip cookies and the 3 scoops of ice creams. Phew!

Choco Chip Sundae at Nairobi Java House

As if the lunch wasn't enough that the wife decided to make the dinner too very interesting. It was home cooked panini and a lovely bottle of red wine accompanied it. Pearly Bay has been my favorite since I first tasted it a few years back with some close friends in Mumbai.

Red wine & Panini 

Truly a delightful Sunday this has been. 2 more days of holidays in Kenya ... Here is to more good food and drinks.

09 February, 2013

Veg Gujarati Thali in Nairobi

One of my favourite restaurants in Nairobi for simple, good and no nonsense food is Ashiana Vegetarian Restaurant.

The veg thali is delicious and value for money. Nitika and I often go there and eat when we are tired and want a simple meal option. I have a stronger craving to eat there when I am alone in Nairobi.

Reminds me of what good home cooked meals are all about.

Must try!

03 February, 2013

Guinness Beer - Not my choice

Tried the black Guinness Beer a few weeks ago. Just didn't seem to like it. And my father-in-law said it was very strong and gave him a headache.

I guess I am avoiding this one for sure.

18 January, 2013

Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls

My sister picked up this delicious pack of chocolate on her recent trip to Hong Kong. Chocolates like Godiva and Lindt are like the ultimate delights and this doesn't disappoint you at all. And dark chocolate in little drops is a tease for the taste buds.

They are yum and I am going to be looking out for them on my next international trip.

They are surely not available in Nairobi or Mumbai stores.

13 January, 2013

Naked Pizza opens in Nairobi

Much acclaimed across many other countries, NAKED PIZZA finally opened its first store in Nairobi at the end of 2012.

Last night, Nitika and I decided to try it out. One line review: Different and nice.

A quick check on reviews and 4square tips you know that something you surely need to try is their famous Superbiotic pizza. The first bite and you know this is not the pizza sauce and mozzarella loaded typical standard offering. A delight for your taste buds and the parsley makes it yum.

We also tried the greenhouse. Not bad.

Greenhouse pizza at Naked Pizza, Nairobi
It would have been nice to have ended the meal with a little dessert. Maybe some cupcakes or little chocolate pudding. But they don't have anything on their menu. Don't know if that's an international standard.

Oh yes! they don't serve any ketchup or mustard sauce.

They focus a lot on delivery so the outlet isn't very big but yet manages to seat about 40 people.

NAKED PIZZA is digitally very active, so if you want to know something before you order or go there give them a shout.

twitter: @nakedpizzakenya
facebook: nakedpizzakenya

They also have a loyalty program in partnership with Niko Happa. Every 3 check-ins get you something NAKED. Sadly, all the scan does is make you send a pre-set SMS. Nothing fancy.

Their first and only store is in Westlands and I really do hope they come closer to my place for us to be able to order a lot more pizzas.