11 September, 2010

Bull's Eye at Taj Hari Mahal

This is the awesome dessert - Bull's Eye. Chocolate dessert with a lavish scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Don't miss it if you ever land there.
Served at Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur.


03 September, 2010

Anokhi Cafe, Jaipur

A must do on our list when we visited Jaipur. Thanks to our local cousin there, we of course weren't going to miss this one. It's actually a little cafe attached to a store popular for it's block printed fabrics. A major attraction for the French and English who love to dig into the organic offerings at this quiet little place.
Dishes are limited and offerings are not many. You've got to be there in time because most days they are all cleaned out for the day by 4PM.
Penne Arbiatta - organic as it can get, nice fresh basil leaves to bite into. tossed in olive oil. but could have been a little more spicier.

Three bean salad - crunchy and a dieter's delight.

Mascarpone Cheese Cake - yum, just dig into it. And ideally order/pick your dessert choice as soon as you get there or else by the end of the meal you might just have an empty shelf to stare.

Falafel - a little dry, but the dip is delicious with it.
Also must have the Aubergine Pine-nuts Feta cheese pizza and try the Ginger Soda. For exact location see the website - Ankohi Cafe.