28 November, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Jalebis

fafdiya & tea

If there is something which can tempt me to rise early on a Sunday morning it has to be the idea of a breakfast feast. With the last weekend being one of a family reunion what better way to spend the Sunday morning then to have a breakfast out on the terrace.

What's on the plate?
Garama garam Jalebi, fafdiya (farsan) and some kachumbar with green chillies.

We got this stuff from Dave Farsan Mart, near Babulnath Temple. The idea is to be there very early so that you can get the fresh, hot and of course if you go there after 9am or so - there is very little chance that you may get anything at all.

jalebi kachumbar

22 November, 2008

Energy Drink - Cloud 9

Tried the new energy drink in the market - Cloud 9. Enriched with Pomegranate this has a little wacky taste. Without the energy additives I think it would do as a fruit juice with your morning breakfast.

Not my choice and I would stick to the Red Bull as my energy drink.

15 November, 2008

Chatpat khana at Opera House

What: Chatpat road-side khana peena. Bhel-puri/sev-puri. Dosa wala. Sandwich wala. Gole wala and Khicha wala.

Where: Near Babubhai Jagjivandas Showroom (there is also a shut-down Dawood Shoes store) at Opera House. Opposite Marwari Vidyalaya.


What's a Khicha?
It's a papad like thing but made of rice and a little harder. It's used like a pizza base is used and is made tasty by adding tomato, onion, sev, cabbage and masala. Served hot this is a great evening snack.

And of course a good evening snack can't end without something sweet so don't miss out slurping out those golas.

10 November, 2008

Woodside Inn - My choice of a watering hole

On a casual Saturday night wife and me intended to have a drink before we dig into our dinner. Woodside Inn is a place which is close to home but something we had not tried ever since they revamped.

At about 9ish when we entered this little 2 level place we surely had no hope to get a seat ( they just have 3 tables on Level 1 and about 6 on Level 2-but that's more of the dinner place). But that didn't bother us. The place was very inviting, good music and finding some space we sneaked ourselves onto the bar and got our first round of drinks.

We didn't order anything to eat but from what was moving around the dishes looked appetizing. The bar gives you a nice ring-side view of what goes behind making /serving those drinks including how to make those salt-rimmed glasses and serving the wine in chilled glasses. A learning experience indeed.

You could see a few regulars stuck in the corner - somebody reading a book over a couple of wine glasses and the other doing his internet surfing tucking into fancy foreign beer (they have a great collection and I am going to try it on my next visit).

I was very comfortable with the place and we intend to make this our watering hole - and next time have dinner too.