24 October, 2005

It's thai time!

So it's Sunday again, and what happens on Sunday? Well, the master chef ;-) enters the kitchen and takes over. This time the challenge was even tougher but I was rest assured because I knew dear mother was there for supervision and guidance, if any. So I decided to dig up a recipe for Thai Green Curry and so it was. Let me admit again, this was indeed a challenge over the other dishes I have made earlier.

To begin with, I had no knowledge of some of the ingredients and some I didn't know were called with such peculiar names in English. You tend to grow up calling certain things in a way you have been taught. Like I knew what is "coriander" but what is "ground coriander"? And when mom showed me the same, I was like "Oh this."

The cooking was not so difficult except the determination of boiling points, which was manageable thanks to Mom. The dish finally landed at the table only to realize that the "Master Chef" had actually forgotten to add Salt to the dish. Don't blame me - The recipe didn't say so!

15 October, 2005

12 October, 2005

Chocolate Pudding with Marie Biscuits

I had a good argument with my girl-friend about my cooking. She said when would you cook for me. To which I replied I would not serve a good lady cook specifically for two reasons:

  • They would try and compare my cooking to their certain standard taste which they would have developed over the years.
  • I would like to cook not to match an already established taste but rather innovate and if not improve, at least help develop a new taste for those eating my dishes.

Ok moving onto this afternoon's experiment. Everyone loves Chocolate Pudding. Specially those on a diet plan would die for this little serving. To make it interesting I put some pudding on the regular Marie Biscuits available in the market. Let me admit, it wasn't something lip-smacking, but kind of makes the pudding offering a little more enjoyable.

09 October, 2005

Oreo Cookied bashed up

Till I become an expert at cooking I will have to share recipes borrowed from others. This very simple, easy and quick dessert makes it interesting to write about it.

What do you need?
Lots of vanilla ice-cream, super powdered oreo cookies (without the cream) and chocolate syrup. And of course, a diet-free mindset.

How do you do it?
Just scoop out the vanilla ice-cream and attack it with rest of the ingredients.

Gobble down - lots & lots of it.

Mr. Chef once more

KhanaPeena was started so that I could blog about food I eat, but it seems it's slowly becoming a place to blog more about food "I MAKE". Sunday just got a lot more busier. Last time was "Project Pizza" - Didn't blog that one! This time it's Spaghetti with Mushroom and Spinach.

I thank "Miss N" for digging out the recipe from Tarla Dalal. It was very interesting when she sent me the recipe, she added a note "This should be not that difficult to make, try your hands with it". Yeah sure, if cooking was that easy I am sure everyone would jump into the kitchen. But yes, I admit - if done in the right spirit cooking can be a great experience. And I am glad to be a part of it.

Chopping for Spaghetti with Spinach and Mushrooms
Preparation was not much difficult. I didn't bother to wait for the servant and hit the chopping board right away. Although let me admit, I did screw up on the measurement and boiled spaghetti just a bit more than required. But I guess the estimation comes with experience. To make dinner more interesting I prepared some Garlic Toast, which has always been my personal favourite.

It wasn't such a bad preparation after all - Dad and sis appreciated the efforts and left the table pretty much stuffed.