12 October, 2005

Chocolate Pudding with Marie Biscuits

I had a good argument with my girl-friend about my cooking. She said when would you cook for me. To which I replied I would not serve a good lady cook specifically for two reasons:

  • They would try and compare my cooking to their certain standard taste which they would have developed over the years.
  • I would like to cook not to match an already established taste but rather innovate and if not improve, at least help develop a new taste for those eating my dishes.

Ok moving onto this afternoon's experiment. Everyone loves Chocolate Pudding. Specially those on a diet plan would die for this little serving. To make it interesting I put some pudding on the regular Marie Biscuits available in the market. Let me admit, it wasn't something lip-smacking, but kind of makes the pudding offering a little more enjoyable.

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