18 September, 2013

Punjab Sind Shrikand

Good ready-made Shrikand is difficult to find. This evening we picked up the Punjab Sind Shrikand - Kesar and Mango flavours. Good stuff - Must try.

Not sure of the availability in retail stores but you can find it at the Punjab Sind store at Breach Candy. 

07 September, 2013

Di Bella Coffee

When you've spent 2 years away from your city, a lot of things are new and you want to try them as time allows. 

A few weekends back the wife and I decided to try the Di Bella Coffee shop at Shivaji Park. 

The mocha was a bit too chocolaty and killed the coffee flavour. 

What I thought was interesting is the attempt to keep the coffee warm till the last flame. Why I say attempt is because the flame was too weak and barely lasted for 5 mins after coming to the table. 

Kullad waali chai

If you haven't already tried this. Next time you get a chance DO it.

Best place - Nathdwara in the state of Rajasthan. 

Next best option - Tea Centre at Churchgate, Mumbai. But caution - I am told they are washed and reused rather than being recycled after every use. Not very hygienic if you ask me.