14 September, 2006

Pancakes at Mc Cafe

For those who thought I had stopped eating or cooking - Well, I haven't and I am back. Hope to get some long due posts in here, so keep checking. To start with here is something from my honeymoon trip to New Zealand.


Delicious - is not the word for this. I wish I could find something more superlative. Yummy pancakes at McDonald's coffee chain - Mc Cafe. They are supposed to be on the breakfast menu, but we managed to have the staff get one ready for us even in the evening. Thank them!

20 February, 2006

Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake
About a week back, Mom surprised us with some dessert on a Thursday night. No such rule that NO desserts on a week-day but just you know how it feels nice to have something delicious in the middle of the week.

And I was lucky because I had got home early that evening and so dinner was relaxed and then a plateful of this cake. If there is something mom cherishes in desserts it's always been strawberries and cheese-cakes. But this is just a plain "strawberry cake". The cake was from Gaylord @ Churchgate and Mom made the strawberry cream at home.

17 January, 2006

Tomato Soup & Malaysian Noodles

A few Sundays back, I was sick - really sick. But I had spent that week thinking I would cook on the weekend and I didn't want anything to stop me. So I decided to cook something which would help me relieve my cold. Lucky me, as I was thinking Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor had already made my life easy, my giving a lovely soup recipe on that Sunday Mid-Day's edition.

tomato&basil soup + noodlesTomato & Basil Soup
This soup is an excellent choice for somebody who loves tomato soups. The extra essence of the basil and other ingredients make it very tasty. Just a bit of warning: This ain't a very simple soup to make. Lots of effort went into grinding the ingredients and give it that rich taste. But trust me worth the efforts, after all - Mom appreciated the soup very much. And let's not forget without her I am a lost soul in the kitchen. Thanks Mom!

Malaysian style noodles
I'll be honest, I dived into this one for only the egg pieces which I think were the only highlight of the noodles. I don't know, maybe I didn't do it right, but it turned out quite bland and kind of dry also. But what I mixed some Maggi Chilly sauce and it became a bit tastier. Top it all, not my choice, I like my noodles to be nice & juicy with some gravy in them. Share a recipe if you have something.