22 October, 2013

Gypsy Chinese: Restaurant Review

Landed up in Dadar because of an event in the area. We were too bored to try and same old place in Phoenix so decided to try something new in that area itself. Gypsy comes with a strong recommendation from a friend who is rather fussy about "where" he eats. So this had to be tried.

Sunday evening and we thought we would be doomed with a 1 hour waiting. As luck favoured us we were seated in about 25 minutes. Lovely ambiance and thankfully not too noisy even though its a small place. 

Since it was our first visit we decided to go with the steward's recommendation and we were not disappointed. Started the meal with some Shanghai Mushroom and Steamed Wanton (Gravy). Really good stuff and what we call it "The Indian Chinese". 

Main course included Exotic Vegetables in Chilly Black Bean Sauce with Burnt Garlic Veg Rice. We didnt really want to experiment with the fancier - Thai currys and the sorts. I don't recommend the Malaysian Noodles - Disappointing. 

If I am in that area, I don't mind going to this place again.

17 October, 2013

Barking Deer Brewpub

Wanted to go out drinking with boys and we were too bored with the regulars - Irish House (Too Loud), Mondy's (Been there a 100 times) so we decided to try something new and landed up at Barking Deer. 
Sunday night, the place was practically empty ... even the bar just had 2 tables occupied at 9:30PM. We intended to drink so got seated in the bar area. The chairs are terrible. Long, heavy and rather uncomfortable. After about 3 hours we just wanted to get off them. Even though it was empty the aircon didn't cool so well. I can't imagine what happens on busy nights. 
They don't have a brewing license yet but said would be activated by December (so let's keep a watch on that one). While there try some of the international beers. We settled for the Indus range, called for all the 4 variants. Not my liking and I don't intend to have it again. 

The BITES can get a bit boring if you are going to be sitting there for long and keep munching with your drinks. They don't have pizzas which was disappointing.

After having exhausted the BITES we called for some Sandwiches - which I must say was really GOOD and satisfying. Ate the Goat Cheese and Roasted Veggies. 

I am going back here only if I want to dine and maybe to check on the brewery. This is not a place for a boys night drinking session.

03 October, 2013

Cheval - European cuisine in South Mumbai

The wonderful part of coming back to the city after 2 years is that there a lot many new places to visit and enjoy some good food. 

After evaluating a couple of new places in town, Cheval seemed to be a good choice for a nice outing with nothing special to celebrate. 

Tuesday evening at 9pm the place was quiet and I guess because LIV (the pub next door) had not yet kick started it was rather pleasant. Because the place claimed to have a European cuisine we were keen to see what the waiter recommends. And boy, he did an excellent job. 

Started off with a Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, Potato Risotto and some Red Pepper gazpacho (a cold soup served with a nice dash of pepper). All 3 were good. 
After much discussions with the waiter (we were trying to avoid the heavy use of almonds & pine nuts, which I was told is very European) we finally picked the Braised Lamb and the Cauliflower ...something ..Can't remember the name. 

Braised Lamb

Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad

The lamb was excellent. Well cooked and there was a nice beet sauce to make it juicy. Much recommended I say. The cauliflower dish was something we've never had before ... Don't think I could describe it right or as good as the waiter - Go try it instead. 

The portion servings are small. I don't see more than 2 people sharing the starters and the main courses - Sharing wont really satisfy you. From what I saw around and the aromas, I think the pizzas looked good too. Try them. 

We paid Rs.2400 (inclusive of taxes) - No alcohol.