23 June, 2007

Kebab Korner: Freaking Expensive

A few days back we celebrated my sister's birthday at Kebab Korner in Hotel Intercontinental on Marine Drive. This is an old-time favourite restaurant of Mumbai city when Intercontinental was called Hotel Natraj.

The start itself was bad, we literally had to beg them for a table because it seems their most popular and busy day is Tuesday (Fair enough). We had a 9PM table but didn't make it till 9.10 and bang comes the phone call "Maam, would you be coming in as you have a reserved table". We thought to ourselves wow that's a very busy place they called to check on. Guess what? when we reached there not more than 4 tables were occupied and the place wore a dead look.

kebab korner mumbai

Anyways we got around to ordering when we realised the place was freaking expensive. Vegetarian starters were priced at an average of Rs.400 and non-veg was about Rs.500. We enjoyed the Murgh Afghani and realised that the vegetarian food was strictly OK and only the non-veg was worth it. The special KK paratha was a bit hard and not so buttery if you were to ask me. The papad comes FREE and in a very interesting rolled format.

Before I left I couldn't resist myself but to have a word with the manager and tell him about the high-handed attitude which was shown in spite of a rather low occupancy. He apologised and even offered his business card if I may need to ever make any bookings in the future.

However my final verdict: Not a place worth the money it charges. I would say this place is for corporate client entertainment only - and that too if you plan to eat the chicken/meat.

Image courtesy: Sebastian Zachariah

22 June, 2007

Ferrero Chocolate Cake

That's a ferrero rocher chocolate cake. It's chocolaty, crunchy, sprinkled with white flakes and nice ferrero chocolates on the top.

if you live around colaba / cuffe parade in Mumbai I can tell you which lady does these cakes.

17 June, 2007

italian romantic night

cabernet merolt 2005 wine (by kapsi)After a lovely buffet lunch at Not just jazz by the bay, we were in no mood for a dinner out on Saturday night. So Nitika did the next best thing - toss up a really lovely romantic dinner. Pasta and cheese garlic dip with bread was the order for the night served with the cabernet merolt 2005 wine . And this was with a coffee perfumed candle that kept burning through the night.

We realised that a freshly tossed up pasta was a lot more tasty than the ones which are cooked earlier in the day and then re-heated or baked just before dinner time. The freshness of the oregano, olive oil and other ingredients is remarkable when served fresh.

pasta (by kapsi)
This is spaghetti in just red sauce tossed in olive oil with crushed garlic, red & yellow bell pepper, mushroom, olives and basil. Garnished with chilli flakes, cheese, salt & pepper and oregano.

breads + cheese dip (by kapsi)
The bread basket is a mix of lavash, bread sticks and garlic bread served with Cheese & Garlic dip. (Breads from Celejor in Colaba) Click on photo to see notes.

Cheese & Garlic dip: Home-made cottage cheese, hung curd, dash of mayonnaise, KRAFT cheese spread, grated parmesan cheese, mustard salt pepper orgegano and tabassco. Churned in a blender and served chilled.

Thanks to Nitika for being patient to help me with all the details mentioned here.

Lunch @ Not Just Jazz by the Bay

The first Saturday of a lovely monsoon was indeed very interesting. For a change the lazy me decided to take the better half out for a buffet lunch at Not Just Jazz by the Bay - her favourite. This is a very proper Soup, Salad and Sandwich place - which to me is not all that satisfying, so I felt all this time. But my visit here changed my opinion. For about Rs.250+ taxes (per person) this is indeed a worthy lunch. For soup we had the corn chowder with a bit of tabassco this felt nice on a rainy afternoon. The salad bar is awesome when it comes to choice. Of course the vegetarian fare is large but the non-veg eaters too get a good choice of tuna, chicken and ham. After the salad which you surely can't finish in just one round so I suggest taking a few more of those, you can then move on to order your choice of sandwich. I picked the Honey Mustard Chicken grilled sandwich which was a nice choice over the regular chicken tikka. By the time I finished the sandwich I was FULL and realised this is not such a light meal after all. I was expecting a lot from the desserts but there was only the chocolate mousse which I thought should have been a little more cold. So I think they could have done a bit more interesting stuff on the desserts.

Verdict: Recommended for a lovely lazy afternoon. It's a bit loud so don't expect a lot of sweet happenings as the tables are also very close to each other. Large groups should avoid this place because you would be a little disturbing to those around. Is typically filled with couples, ladies and a few random office colleagues.