24 October, 2005

It's thai time!

So it's Sunday again, and what happens on Sunday? Well, the master chef ;-) enters the kitchen and takes over. This time the challenge was even tougher but I was rest assured because I knew dear mother was there for supervision and guidance, if any. So I decided to dig up a recipe for Thai Green Curry and so it was. Let me admit again, this was indeed a challenge over the other dishes I have made earlier.

To begin with, I had no knowledge of some of the ingredients and some I didn't know were called with such peculiar names in English. You tend to grow up calling certain things in a way you have been taught. Like I knew what is "coriander" but what is "ground coriander"? And when mom showed me the same, I was like "Oh this."

The cooking was not so difficult except the determination of boiling points, which was manageable thanks to Mom. The dish finally landed at the table only to realize that the "Master Chef" had actually forgotten to add Salt to the dish. Don't blame me - The recipe didn't say so!

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