04 March, 2013

Sunday Foodie Delights

One of those Sundays which turns out to be a complete culinary delight.

Lunch at Nairobi Java Coffee House where I relished the Mushroom Chicken Breast.. I really like the mushroom sauce they make. And the fries are always tasty at Java. A meal so good can't be without a wonderful dessert to leave the sweetness of the afternoon lingering for a long time in your mouth. The massive Chocolate Cookie Sundae was ordered. Yes massive is an understatement - look at the size of those choco chip cookies and the 3 scoops of ice creams. Phew!

Choco Chip Sundae at Nairobi Java House

As if the lunch wasn't enough that the wife decided to make the dinner too very interesting. It was home cooked panini and a lovely bottle of red wine accompanied it. Pearly Bay has been my favorite since I first tasted it a few years back with some close friends in Mumbai.

Red wine & Panini 

Truly a delightful Sunday this has been. 2 more days of holidays in Kenya ... Here is to more good food and drinks.

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