14 October, 2008

Sunday Lunch at Pizzeria

Yes, sometimes I can beat the laziness and help myself to enjoy the Sunday lunch with a group of close friends. So braving the terrible October heat we arrived 20 mins late at Pizzeria while my dear friends, for a change who arrived earlier than us. Thankfully no waiting and we were seated right away.

Leaving the food ordering to the rest of them I made myself comfortable to take in the sights & sounds of a very different afternoon I was enjoying outdoors. Very quickly arrived the "all time favourite" - Bombay Masala, and then it arrived again. It seems we were so much in love that we managed to get two of them - One thin & crisp and yet another with a thick base. If you haven't eaten this one at Pizzeria, you've missed a lot - so next time you eat there make sure you get one of those.

Sorry, but I was too busy eating and didn't end up with a photo of one those Bombay Masala specials. But here is something to get tickle your taste-buds.

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