16 July, 2007

Katiawadi food in Baroda

I spent the weekend in Baroda for some research work. After a hard day of work, we decided to skip the very typical Punjabi dishes listed on the menu and choose to order from the Gujarati menu - the local specialties. Although I had heard the name before during our trips to Nathdwara, I was not sure how would it be ordering the same without mom around. The menu was printed in Gujarati, so with a little help from the waiter we managed to order a decent meal.
  • Sev tumattar (Sev and Tomato) This was a bit spicy but I think that's how they make it.
  • Baingan nu bharto (brinjal) - oily but yummy
  • Bajre nu rotlo - very soft and delicious
  • Khichdi ane kadi - Thankfully it was not topped with ghee!!
Gujarati food is a nice cuisine but when you are eating out you tend to over-eat and so it tends to get heavy. So eat in limit unless you are on holiday and enjoy a good siesta post-meal.
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