30 August, 2007

Cafe Military

About a month back I went to Cafe Military in Fort area to have lunch with my office colleagues. this is a typical irani / parsi cafe serving chicken and mutton dishes. I tried the Chicken Masala Fry (see pic below), although I was told that Kheema Pav was supposed to be the all time hit around that place.

They also had some rather unique drinks which are not available so easily in other outlets of Mumbai - A pinky Raspberry drink and London Pilsner beer. Don't forget to close your meal with the nice caramel custard - A typical of such irani cafes.

chicken masal fry and pav (bread) (by kapsi) london pilsner (by kapsi)

This is a very cheap place if you are looking for a quick bite around that area. Nothing fancy about the interiors and the crowd may not be all that exciting besides the few bankers from neighboring offices.
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