01 January, 2008

Review: Falafel's Veg Humus House

There is a new place in town - Falafel's Veg Humus House. Located opp. Regal Cinema in Colaba, this one is a small place with limited seating capacity and kind of cramped up so ideally not recommended for a group of more than 5-6. As the name suggests it's a Veg place so don't expect the kheema and chicken falafel's you may have been used to in other fancy places.

What did we eat:
  • Original Falafel - Recommended. Huge, tasty and satisfying.
  • Hummus with Hot Mushroom - very tastefully done, not so spicy as the name suggests but well oiled makes it a not-so dry experience.
  • Potato & Mushroom Sambusac - Avoidable. had a stale taste and smell, don't know if it was supposed to be like that!
Also recommended is the Tabule but it was out of stock when I went there. And if you are looking for a change from the colas, get the lemonade - nothing great but different. Unfortunately didn't get a chance to taste the desserts.

Conclusion: A nice place serving some decent lebanese food, moderately priced and makes for a good evening bite or a quick dinner plan. Limited veg items may tend to get boring if you happen to go often.

Free home delivery from Lamington Road - 2301 8000, Gowlia Tank - 2386 8000, Colaba - 2283 6000.
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