13 April, 2009

Restaurant Review - The Tasting Room

This place has changed and expanded recently. Their menu has got a lot more to eat than what my wife had earlier seen of it. Located in and around an artifact store, this place has some wonderful and highly inviting interiors. Background music was not bad also .. nice & soothing but I don't think the acoustics were designed well for the music to be heard evenly across the venue. And that can be said about the air-conditioning also. 10 of us were in a big corner table, the other areas of the restaurant seemed much cooler.

What did we eat?
Paprika dusted grilled chicken - creamy & mild. the chicken could have been a little more softer. But worth trying.

Sun dried tomato n grilled vegetables spaghetti [Highly Recommended]

Tomato and mascarpone cheese risotto - Baby safe dish was nice but needed a heavy dose of chilly flakes & Tabasco to make it fun and also a pinch of salt helped bring it to the right taste.

Peppered potato with Racellete cheese - YUM! but I wish the portion was a bit larger. The cheese was really good on the tongue.

Mushroom pate - time pass ... they used mushroom cream and pickle on vol-au-vent.

What's to drink?
Lots ... wide choice of wine, viocktails (coctails made from wines), cocktails

What's not good?

They apparently have a "small" kitchen so cooking speeds are slow. Also customization and mix-match of dishes are not very welcomed.

The approach is dark and dingy ... a little lighting near the car park area would make it a bit more friendly.

Conclusion - Good food, nice ambiance, I just wish they bucked up on the speed. but what would be a good idea is to go in small numbers, Romantic Meals, Dinner Dates - AVOID large groups.

The Tasting Room
Good Earth, Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai. 65285284, 24951954
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