12 July, 2010

Aliva - Chatpate crackers - Not So Great

After all the advertising bombardment on TV, this weekend when I walked into the store, I picked up a packet of Aliva - Chatpate crackers. I thought the lovely monsoon weekend would make this a great accompaniment for the evening chai.




Didn't have it with the chai but instead thought it would be a good support to the pasta we had on Sunday evening.


I don't know what the intended taste was but it was funny. When you are having such crackers you ideally want a taste which won't let you stop at just one, so you go munching and munching more. But not with this one. Its not as masaledar as expected and strangely leaves a very sweet taste at the end of the bite. Don't know if that's the expected after-taste.

Also noticed a rather odd piece of masala in the pack. Don't know what was this supposed to be?



Sorry, but Aliva is not getting added to my regular list of Chatpate of Lays, Pringles and the new Hippo!

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