04 October, 2010

Cocoberry Frozen Yogurt - New ice-cream alternative

Saturday was a day in the suburbs. After dinner at the Pali Village Cafe we decided to try the new dessert place - Cocoberry at Pali Naka, Bandra.

Cocoberry offers frozen flavoured yogurt. We tried the blueberry yogurt topped with blueberries, white choco chips and chocolate strands. It's very different from biting into a regular ice-cream and I think it's even more healthy because it says non-fat premium frozen yogurt.

 Nice and smooth just that I think next time I would avoid the white choco chips - just too hard and irritates the whole smooth feel on the tongue.

Our medium sized serving with 3 toppings costed Rs.179/- 

I don't think they have any other branch currently, so Bandra is your only bet.
Go, try it.

Cocoberry Frozen Yogurt
Opp. Gold's Gym, Pali Naka. Bandra (WEST)
Call: 67258572, 67258573
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