28 December, 2011

Bachelor's Kitchen: The Essentials

My last post for the Bachelor Cooking was a list of tips to manage your kitchen and how to explore the cooking.

Essentials for the Bachelor Kitchen - ingredients which are a must have to save your soul in the kitchen.

Tomatoes or Tomato Puree
Makes it easy to put in a little water and your "Sabzi" gets a nice gravy for it.

I prefer keeping slices and also the spread.

Olives / Mushrooms
These are life essentials I think - Pasta can't be made without them. And pasta is a mood-changer food. Also mix them with a few greens, some dressing and a bowl of salad is good to go.

Herbs, Spices, Oregano, Black Pepper, Hot Sauce
Finding green chillies in the fridge can be a challenge, so I prefer keeping enough hot sauce and other spices for that easy use.

Pasta Sauce / Pasta Packs / Noodles / Chinese Sauces 
Elements to toss that meal when an intensive cooking session is what you don't want to indulge in.

Keep a variety. Drinking alone can be boring.. so I like to have a mix - Beer, Vodka and the faithful Wine and Scotch. Stock-up before you run out... Domino's delivers .. the local wine shop, very rarely!

Chakna / Namkeen 
How can booze go without this... haha! Kidding - keep a few wafer packs handy .. mid-night cravings have to be taken care. Also that hunger pang just between the evening tea and dinner is attended.

And some other things on my list include:
  • Chocolates / Milk Powders / Biscuits
  • Fruits / Dry Fruits - almonds, dates 
  • Curd, Ice-cream, Chocolate Sauce - Solves your dessert cravings. 
That's my list, what's that essential element of your kitchen, please do share in the comments section. 

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