09 July, 2012

Breakfast: Gits Uttapam

With the wife away in India, there is complete experimenting happening in the kitchen space.

I like to do the challenging bit on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. This weekend I decided to treat myself to a breakfast.

What you see - Gits Uttapam, Coconut Chutney, Strawberries and a glass of TANG. The chutney of course was done by the wife and frozen before she left.

Breakfast - GITS Uttapam and Coconut Chutney

This is a picture of the second uttapam. The first one was much thicker and out of shape. I think what I am going to try the next time is to flatten it out evenly. Use maybe a steel bowl with a flat surface just like they do it professionally at the Udipi restaurants. 

Also the challenge of getting the chopped tomatoes and onions to evenly be embedded into the batter so that they would cook and not get burnt.

Good learning and here is to some more fun time in the kitchen.

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