11 September, 2005

5 cakes in 24 hours

I just celebrated my birthday last weekend. And this birthday was special not only because of the lovely celebrations but also because I ended up cutting almost 5 cakes in less than 24 hours. That was something indeed. But hey no one seemed to complaint or bother about the calories and everyone enjoyed it. A snapshot of what was on my plate.


  • (Starting from LEFT): The chocolate cake was from Le Chocolat -The Chocolate Lounge, Bandra. Creamy nice and yes delicious. Chocolate Lounge had a special menu of desserts, coffees and more specially created for my little party.
  • Then there was a Photo cake from Desserts 'R' Us which was special because it had a photo of me and good friend Pankaj from my 7th Birthday celebrations. I didn't really get to taste this pineapple cake but the cream was yummy because that's the only thing I got to lick of it.
  • The team @ office got another chocolate cake from Birdy's by Taj which was just a little hard but tasted nice.
  • Little Sister also got me a chocolate cake from Theoberma, Colaba to end the birthday celebrations.
Overall I think cakes have only gotten better over the years and there is a lot of variety available these days. But my preference would always remain a Rich Creamy Chocolate Cake.
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