17 September, 2005

Spicy Vermicilli

Cooking has always been a subject of great interest for me. Not much, but whatever little free time I get, I like to once in a while try to experiment in the kitchen. Of course this is yet under the expert guidance of my Super "COOK" Mom.

Action time in the kitchen

Today was one such occasion where I decided to step in and cook up some interesting snack earlier this evening. We made spicy vermicilli (read: Indian noodles). It was pretty simple and although I am no expert to give a recipe I'll give you a small guide.

spicy vermicilli

Spicy Vermicilli

Some Verimiciili (Depends how much you want to eat. Remember they get blown when boiled)
little cooking oil
Mustard Seed
Finely chopped Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Chilies.
Salt & lime to taste.

Hit it
First you gotta boil the vermicilli with the carrots & potatoes. Then strain out all the water and keep aside. Meanwhile on a slow gas get some oil, mustard seeds, chilies and asofotedia to cook mildly. When the seeds start making the cringing noise, add the strained vermicilli mix and cook for a while. Shake lightly as to not mash up the dish. Add salt & lime and you should have something tasty ready.

Let me know if you experiment. Would love to have your comments.
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