11 September, 2005

Holiday is for eating

Oh I love mid-week holidays. They excite me more than a Sunday. It's a great way to do something which is not so SUNDAY like for a change you could just sit home and not bother about catching a movie or dining out. Wednesday was one such "chutti". I didn't do anything much which gave me a lot of time to sit home and enjoy some good stuff.

lassi Mom bought me a packet of the Nestle Lassi. I would have liked it to be a little more chilled, but it was not bad. Could have been a little more sweeter but then I guess my sugar barometer is always higher than the average taste bud. The weather kind of became hot by lunch time, so the cold lassi pack was a good relief.

When at home, how could mom miss the opportunity to cook up an evening snack. "Aloo Chaat" chaatit was for the evening. Very easy and quick (so it seemed). Boiled Potatoes, Butter, Onion, pinch of garlic, some cheese cubes and I guess salt & pepper to taste. If you make a bowl full, beware tends to get heavy on the stomach - you know what too much of potatoes can do to you?

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