28 September, 2005

Easy to make pasta

Although the weekend had been tough, I tried to do something interesting on Sunday evening. I managed to pick-up a pack of easy to make pasta from the local shop and came home all very excited to try another attempt in the kitchen. Ya ya, it was a ready-made pasta pack - So what's the big deal. But hey it's the thrill of doing something fun in the kitchen, which gets me in there. So here it is.

It's pretty simple you see. Just open up the pack and follow the instructions carefully. You gotta keep a good watch so that the pasta does not get over-cooked making a mash out of the whole thingie. So be around when it's happening, although it does take a while for them to boil.

I think the accompanying paste is kind of bland so here is my recommendation to make it more interesting. Add some good amount of red pepper, oregano, a few jalapenos if you would like and garnish it with grated cheese. If you really want to make it look exciting sprinkle some parsley.

Next on my ToDo list: Mozzarella Fritters.

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